Falling in love with Czechia is easy. If you happen to be a foreigner love-struck with the country and want to act on your feelings (and move to Czech Republic), you will probably first search for a place to stay.
Read on to learn what to look for based on how long you want to stay!

The legend says that if you fast all Christmas day, you will see a golden pig...But what is even better than gold? Food!
Who would not like the winter festivities or the possibility to fill their belly with various Christmas delicacies!
See our top picks for the traditional Czech Christmas food below.
The best part?...

Although Czech Republic is a very atheist country, the christmas traditions are close to hearts of Czech people. Especially little children are very excited about the upcoming winter time, where they receive a lot of gifts and the household is full of sweets.

Heading for the post office and not sure what to expect? Been at the post office but found no information in English? Need to send or accept package, letter or visit CzechPoint office? We got you.
The post office can be a tricky place for many and unless you live in a bigger city like Prague, it...

Are you operating a vehicle for more than 185 days in the Czech Republic? Do you need car registration in the Czech Republic? It´s really a very easy process. In this article, we will tell you all necessary documents and steps. So you will know how to register your car in the Czech Republic without obstacles.

UK citizens travelling to the Czech Republic after December 31st, 2020 will fall into the third country citizens' category. For stays in the territory of the Czech Republic exceeding 90 days the UK citizens will have to request a long-term visa or long-term residence at the diplomatic mission of the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic will start...