Types of accommodation in Czechia


Falling in love with Czechia is easy. If you happen to be a foreigner love-struck with the country and want to act on your feelings (and move to Czech Republic), you will probably first search for a place to stay.
Read on to learn what to look for based on how long you want to stay!

Short-term: if you stay up to a month

Decided to spend a holiday or work as a digital nomad from Czechia for a while?

Hostels and hotels

The simplest solution is to book an accommodation in a hotel or a hostel. Prices for these types of rooms can vary around 1k-3k CZK per night in a 3- or 4-star hotel and around 100-500 CZK per night in a shared room in hostel.

The positive side of this setting is the ease of arrangement - you can easily book the room through online booking services like Booking.com. If living in the hostel, you will probably meet a lot of new and interesting people. The price of this accommodation is high, though.


Airbnb offers a home-like stay. You can book different types of housing - and have the whole place for yourself or only a room. Depends on your preferences and funds. You can do the booking on your own easily via the Airbnb webpages.

The price of Airbnb can vary a lot. In some regions of Czech Republic, it can be much cheaper than hotels, in some very popular areas (typically Prague), the price can match the hotel's one easily.


Why not explore the country and live like a true local? Through Couchsurfing, you can stay for a short-term period with someone in their home or exchange flats easily. The big benefit of this service is that it is free (if you accommodate someone in your flat as well).
This type of stay is best if you want to move around the country a lot and not stay at the same place for a long time.


Planning to work or study in Czechia? Then you are probably looking for a housing for at least 3-6 months.

Dormitory /Lodging house

If you plan to study here (for example via Erasmus+ program) or work as a foreigner through an agency, there is a high chance that you will be eligible for a dormitory housing.
In this type of arrangement, you do not need to search for the accommodation yourself, but you will have a help from the agency or your school.

You will be staying in an apartment building and you will probably share a room with someone else. The bathrooms and kitchens tend to be shared as well.

If you need to pay for the dormitory, it will be probably very small amount of money. This type of setting is best if you don't search for a huge privacy but for the best price.

Flat sharing

The alternative to dormitory is to share a flat with someone else. Typically, in bigger cities (Prague, Brno) you will find these shared flats very often. All you need to do to search for one is to open a social network like Facebook and look for groups named "flat sharing" or "spolubydlení".

The prices of this housing can vary a lot, but you can get to a fee of 5-7k CZK for a room in a shared flat in the bigger cities.


Decided to stay for a looooong time? Great! You have several options!

Rent a flat or a house

To rent a flat is very easy. You will need to search for the suitable option, but the paperwork can be done in a breeze!

To find the flat or a house for rent, you will need to search portals like Realingo and just select what properties are important for you. We understand the search can be quite exhausting, so you can reach to Denamar for help as well 😊 and we will do our best to find a great housing option for you.

The price of renting your own place varies heavily on the region and the proximity to the city center, as well as other factors - for example if your flat has a balcony or not.
Be prepared to pay between 15k-25k monthly, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Buy your own property

If you decided to settle in Czech Republic or want to use the real estate for an investment, be sure to look for buying your own property.

To do that as a foreign citizen, you will need a permanent residence or a residence permit. If you have none, you can use or create a legal entity in Czech Republic to meet the conditions of the law.

If you need to take a mortgage to finance your property, it is possible too - you will need to meet a few criteria set by the bank, but it should be possible even without the permanent residence.

You can again search for properties online on portals like Realingo or Sreality or use the service of some real estate company. We at Denamar at your service as well, to help you find and arrange the purchase and make your life here as easy and comfortable as possible.

Where to start

The first step of your life in Czechia is to decide how long you want to stay, what kind of permit you are eligible for and where you want to live.

If you are a foreigner who read through all the information above but are still unsure what is best for your situation, feel free to reach to us for a qualified help.