Tips to get around the Post Office


Heading for the post office and not sure what to expect? Been at the post office but found no information in English? Need to send or accept package, letter or visit CzechPoint office? We got you.
The post office can be a tricky place for many and unless you live in a bigger city like Prague, it is very likely that the workers there won't be able to speak in your language or English.
Check some of the tips below and save yourself a lot of frustration.

1) Find out the closest Czech Post branch near you
The Czech Post website provides an interactive map where you can search all branches around you HERE.

While this seems trivial, you should definitely check if the closest post provides all the services that you intend to use. Smaller outlets do not have a CzechPoint counter or might not be the main point for parcel pickup in your city.
Also, some of the points on the map are "Balíkovna" branches. More info about those below

2) Inform yourself beforehand and solve online what you can

The (almost) whole Czech Post website is in English too! Use this to your advantage and get information about what you plan to get done.

If you want to send a parcel: prepare a package for sending, fill in information online and then bring the parcel to the post office without any paperwork. Or change the delivery of your package in this online form.

Don't want to wait in line? Book an appointment beforehand.
You can also use the mobile app Posta Online to do most of the online actions. 

3) When to use Balíkovna

Czech Post offers a variety of places that are not their office but where you can pick up your parcel - Balikovna. The difference between Balikovna and Post Office is that Balikovna offers only pick-up, you are not able to send any packages or use any other post services. It is also usually run by partners of Czech Post - grocery shops, betting offices, etc. If you see the Balikovna counter at your post office, you can go there for a quicker pickup.

You can get your parcel sent to Balikovna by selecting it on the map when buying something online for example.
For the parcel pickup, you will need to read the personnel a code that you will receive in an SMS from the Balikovna sender.  

4) At the Post Office

Bigger post offices have a "call-out" system - when you enter the office, you will see a yellow and blue stand with options.
There is a possibility to change the language setting on the touch panel.
After you click a button, you will receive a piece of paper and wait for your number to be called. 

Unfortunately, smaller branches do not have these devices, so you will need to stand in a line and talk to the staff directly. Prepare some useful phrases like "Chtěl/a bych poslat balík." or "Chtěl/a bych dvě známky."If you did not prepare yourself for the visit online, you will probably need to fill in a paper (for example to send a package or a registered letter). Be ready and have a Google Translate app on your phone, as you can translate the written text by pointing your camera at the document if needed.

6) Don't be afraid to ask for help

This goes without saying, but there is a high chance that someone will speak your language or English at the post office. Just ask bystanders and you might find someone willing to help you. Post offices are frustratingly complicated even for natives, so no need to feel ashamed in asking for help.

5) There's an alternative...

Don't like the Czech Post? Try Zásilkovna.
Their rules for sending and receiving packages are much more transparent - there is only one fee (69 Kč / 115 Kč) and the branches can be found in all kinds of shops in every town. You can both send or pick up the parcels in the branches and they offer also delivery to a recipient's home or special pickup boxes.
The website is in English, however, you will need to use an application that is in Czech, if you want to send parcels. Also, the dimensions of the parcels are limited, so you can't use the service to send bigger things.
To receive parcels, you need to provide only your phone number when ordering goods - you will receive an SMS with a code for the pickup. 

Still lost? We can help 😊 Contact us for guidance!