Conditions for entry of persons to the territory of the Czech Republic

Prague - Czech Republic
Prague - Czech Republic

As of 4 May, the Czech Ministry of Health released a new measure amending the old decision concerning the travel of citizens from countries with extreme or low risk of infection.


Valid from 4 May 2021, The Ministry of Health banned entry to Czechia for all third-country citizens from countries not listed among countries with extreme or low risk of infection of COVID-19. This ban is also valid for third-country holders of temporary or permanent residence permit in these third-countries.

The traveller's map and more information about this matter are available on the website of the Ministry of Health. There are exceptions to this measure. 

With exception: 

  • foreigners who have been given a short-term visa after 11 May 2021
  • holders of valid long-term visa, long-term, temporary or permanent residence permit in Czechia
  • foreign holders of long-term or temporary residence permit in countries with low risk of infection of COVID-19
  • accredited members of diplomatic missions
  • foreigners with long-term or permanent residence in the EU
  • employees of international transport
  • foreigners who can prove their partnership with a Czech citizen or EU citizens with temporary residence permit over 90 days or permanent residence permit in Czechia (based on a confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • family members, i.e. spouse, parent (if it's an EU citizen below 21), child below 21 years of age, child of a spouse of an EU citizen, child or ancestor or child or ancestor of a spouse of an EU citizen if the child is dependant of the EU citizen or the EU citizen's spouse


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