Overview of changes implemented through the amendment to the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals effective as of 2 August 2021


2nd of August - changes in immigration law become effecitve

Here is following: 


A new administrative free of CZK 200 CZK is now payable for applications made by EU citizens for residence confirmations for EU citizens and for residence permits for family members of EU citizens 

-All third country nationals who are family members of an EU citizen must now request the change of their residence cards to biometrical cards 

-Category of family members of EU citizens: 

now is 2 categories:

1. CLOSE: children of EU an citizen of under 21 years of age, spouses, parents of an EU citizen of under 21 years of age 

2. DISTANT: members of household of EU citizen, etc. 

-Health insurance - VZP insurance company is only acceptable commercial health insurance for foreigners

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