How to register your car in the Czech Republic


Are you operating a vehicle for more than 185 days in the Czech Republic? Do you need car registration in the Czech Republic? It´s really a very easy process. In this article, we will tell you all necessary documents and steps. So you will know how to register your car in the Czech Republic without obstacles.


-at the nearest Municipal office to your current address.

Registering a car 

from an EU country: 

Is required mentioned below in case you have a car registered in a different EU country and you transported it to the Czech Republic.

  • Technical inspection department - You will receive a certificate of roadworthiness, that´s mean a red sticker for the technical inspection and a green sticker for the emissions.
  • Liability insurance
  • A certificate of conformity or original registration document - it´s not important but if the car does not have it, STK is more expensive
  • Filled in car registration form 

from a non - EU country:

In case your car is registered outside the EU and you want to bring it to the Czech Republic, the same documents are needed as for the EU (mentioned above) + customs declaration and an invoice or proof of purchase, a long-term residence or temporary residence permit.

Once you collect all documents (mentioned above), then you can submit to the municipal office. Then you will receive the Czech technical certificate and your car can be officially registered.