1.  Mr. Jae Woo LEE, Kumyang Electric Co, ltd, odštěpný závod 

I am writing this reference at the request of Natálie Woznicová. She provided us professional immigration services involving specifically visa and residency agendas for your Korean people in our company Kumyang Electric Co, Ltd. 

I have known Natalie for 1 year in my capacity as an Immigration consultant. Her responsibility was to arrange for all the necessary documents needed for our employee's to be granted legal residency, including work permits on the territory of the Czech Republic. She also has represented them in proceedings on relevant institutions i.e. during arranging a short - term visa / long - term visa in the Czech Republic, where she has accompanied and assisted them. Natálie is capable of handling emergencies with tact and sensitivity. She is always interested in supporting others. 

Natálie is passionate person who works in work. Also she always keeps smiling in work space. So it makes more delightful mood every work space. She is diligent. So there is no doubt, she will be getting better ever. She has a great can do attitude and willingness to learn and would be an asset to any company. 

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Natálie Woznicová. Natálie will be a positive addition to your organization. If you should ever need any information you can feel free to contact me by email at anytime.


LEE Jae Woo 

Branch Manager

Kumyang Electric Co, Ltd, odštěpný závod

2. Abo Bakr Osman 

Dear Natálie, 

I'd like to thank you for your much interest and help me with my student visa application. 

I was in a very complicated situation while processing my application in the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, but with the professional assistance from your side the situation was solved and I got my visa approval. Also, your advice and assistance in getting the probable health insurance, was very valuable. 

I appreciate your interest, time, help and support. 

Thank you very much for making my journey from Saudi Arabia to the Czech Republic easy and simple. 

Wish you all the best, 

Baker Osman 

3. Ms. Clara Boettcher Mallmann 

Highly recommend their services. Everything done extremely professionally and most importantly it was done super quick. All personnel were very kind and friendly. 

4. Ms. Fernanda Sezar 

The service was provided fast and with high quality. I appreciate the attention and the way everything was handle. Thank you! 

5. Dave Valentine 

I highly recommend Natalie Woznicova from Denmark Consulting Services, who recently facilitated my ExPat health insurance, which was required for my permanent Czech residency. 

Natalie was extremely professional throughout my case, made easier by having an excellent command of English language and writing skills, making it perfect for communication, understanding and accuracy. 

I have since learnt, Dynama Consulting Services do provide, other holistic range of consulting services across the Czech Republic and which I will definitely use again for their timely, be spoke, no nonsense, intervention. 

Thank you. David Valentine 

6. Company Tamura Europe Ltd. where we solved successfully issued employee cards for directors and temporary residence permits. 

7. Korean Restaurant in Český Těšín where we successfully registered entry to the Czech Republic for Korean people and arranged employee cards. 

8. In - Thai  where we arranged employee cards for Thai people (future masseuses)

9. CS spol s.r.o. where we arranged employee cards for Ukrainain people and successfully helped with the processing of all documents to get the company into the program of a high employee

10. Vestaj s.r.o. where we arranged employee cards for Ukrainain people and successfully helped with the processing of all documents to get the company into the program of a high employee

11. Mr. Keith William Harris - 100% 5 stars! Denamar was great to work with. They helped me with every step along the way during my visa application process. It took about 4 months and any questions or concerns I had were addressed. The stafff and Natalie were super helpful and kind. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a true professional service! Thank you Denamar.

12. Bioptická Laboratoř - here we solved the blue card for Iránian person 

13. Ekomontáže Brno s.r.o. - where we arranged legally stay for Ukrainain people + person from Moldova and successfully helped with the processing of all documents to get the company into the program of a high employee

Other reviews from you



"Natália is professional in visa assistance. I live in Czech Republic five years - I am still using her services i.e. making phone calls, setting appointments, translation of documents and more. She is reliable and always available. Highly recommend her to everyone.,,


Leszno, Poland

"I had really problems with getting visa for my friend and with collecting all necessary documents. When I connect with Denamar Consulting Services s.r.o. and recognized Natália I was really happy and appreciate her help. She is capable of accepting new challenges that arise in any legal situation and made the visa process much smoother than I thought possible. Thank you very much!,,


Seoul ,South Korea

"Natália helped me with getting an employee card. She guide me and assist at the Czech Embassy, helped me with translation of documents. I would like to recommend Natália to help you with your visa. I will use her services again!,,