Key and research staff programme

The Programme is intended for:

  • This government program is suitable for investors who have been operating in the Czech Republic for a period of at least 1 year, and employs at least 50 employees in the Czech Republic and 250 worldwide. Programme in particular can be used by research organizations on the list of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, as well as technology companies, start-ups and newly established companies.
  • Job positions with internally transferred specialists, managers, employees in the position of statutory bodies or newly hired employees who are employed in a position which is classified according to the updated CZ-ISCO Classification of Occupations into the main classes 1 - 3 in the field of production, services, or in the public sector (with the exception of medical professions, which falls under the highly qualified worker programme). This includes, for example, jobs such as SW developers, IT specialists, sales directors, etc.
  • For all the third countries

The following residency can be applied under Key and research staff programme

  • Employee card (Dual/Non-dual nature)
  • Blue card
  • Intra-Company employee transfer card

What are the benefits of including in key and research staff programme?

  • Opportunity to submit their visa application at the Representative Office of the Czech Republic abroad
  • Possibility to apply together with family members
  • Processing visa application form within 30 days
  • Applicants for an employee card and intra-corporate transfer employee card are allowed to substitute: proof of accommodation arrangements, employment contract, certificate of professional competence to carry out the job and letter of posting with a written confirmation of the employer
  • An employee card holder is entitled to change employer before the expiration of the period for which the employee card was issued.

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