Internet services for foreigners in CR

Don't you wanna waste your time with arranging the internet service? Contact us and with pleasure we will help you!

What exactly can you expact from our services?

- starting with selection of a suitable package

- making an order

- arrange the installation

- we will guide you in case you feel like switching to another provider or leaving the country and we will help you with the contract termination process.

Have an apartment without internet is bad dream right? Unfortunately the internet service is not always provided by the landlord and its necessary arrange that separately.


  1. Tell us your service preferences + your home address in the Czech republic
  2. We will create for your the special offer for your location
  3. You will inform us about package of your liking, sign a contract and schedule and installation date
  4. Technician will visit you in a few days and set all up at your place
help with arranging an internet for foreigners
help with arranging an internet for foreigners

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