Highly qualified worker programme

The Programme is intended for:

  • Especially for highly qualified professions occupying the job positions classified according to the updated CZ-ISCO Classification of Occupations into the main classes 1 - 3, including medical professions. These are managers, programmers, software developers, graphic designers, designers, accountants, sales representatives, analysts, construction technicians, doctors, nurses ...
  • For all the third countries
  • Applicants can apply for an employee card or a blue card
  • In order for the employer to be included in the Program, he must be a resident in the Czech Republic for tax purposes and a payer of health and social insurance. He must also have settled obligations to the states and in the last 2 years prior to the submission he was not had a fine in the matter of illegal employment, higher than 100,000 CZK or a repeated fine higher than 100,000 CZK. Employer has also deposited their financial statements in the collection of deeds. It is also essential for the visa process to have a vacancy that must pass a labor market test. Another condition is that an employee will receive a wage or salary corresponding to at least the minimum average earnings for the relevant CZ-ISCO subgroup. The employment relationship with the employee must be concluded for the main employment relationship for at least 1 year.
  • If the employee is interested to have his family members also live in the Czech Republic, then this program allows applicants for employment cards for his family members to apply for a visa for a stay of more than 90 days for family purposes. The family members of the blue card applicant can then apply for a long-term residence permit in order for the family to live together with the blue card holder.

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