Employee card for foreigners

  • This is a type of a long-term residence permit that allows a foreigner to temporarily stay in the Schengen area and to perform the work for which the employee card was issued, or hold a position for which the approval of the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy was granted.
  • This authorization is intended for foreigners interested in working in the Schengen area for more than 3 months.
  • The employee card is valid for a period of 2 years less, if the employer provides the foreigner with an employment contract for a period shorter than 2 years.
  • The employee card is intended for all types of job positions, the amount of salary and no restrictions on education compared to the blue card, where there are more limited options.
  • The application for an employee card is filed personally at the relevant Czech Embassy abroad
  • An employee card is intended for all types of employment
  • The deadline for processing or refusal of an employee card is 60 - 90 days. However from our experience it can be decided later. One of the reasons is that the Czech embassy 


  • Application
  • Extract from the criminal record by the state of which the foreigner is a citizen, as well as states in which the foreigner has stayed in the last 3 years for a period longer than 6 months. The document is not required for foreigners under 15 years 
  • Certificate of education 
  • Accommodation confirmation  
  • Employment contract 
  • Other...

Important note:

All documents issued by the authorities of non-EU countries must also be subject to a higher degree of authentication, such as an apostille or superlegalization. Please note that these documents must not be older than 180 days, with the exception of travel documents, photographs and registry office documents

Extension of the period of validity of an employee card

The validity of an employee card can be repeatedly extended. However, it necessary to apply for an extension of the validity period at the earliest 120 days before the expiry, and at the latest on the last day of the validity of the employee card.


  • Personal assistance
  • Preparation, provision of documents
  • Arranging appointments at offices
  • Accepting the documents and checking the application

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