Qualified worker programme

Recently, we are increasingly encountering construction companies that address the shortage of skilled workers. Given that most of them are asking for workers with Ukrainian nationality, so that they can apply for an employment card and get an appointment at the relevant visa center, the employer in the Czech Republic must be included in the government program. One of them, which most often construction companies deal with, is the so-called qualified worker programme.

The Programme is intended for:

  • Employers operating in the Czech Republic for at least 2 years, and perform activities in the field of production, provision of services, public sector or in agriculture, forestry or food industry and currently employ 6 or more employees.
  • Employers that are interested in skilled workers from Ukraine, Mongolia, Serbia, Philippines, India, Belarus, Moldovia, Montenegro and Kazakhstan
  • Important role also plays job positions classified according to the updated CZ-ISCO Classification of Occupations into the main classes 4 - 8, in manufacturing industry, services or the public sector
  • Employer must employ at least 6 persons for at least 3 consecutive months at the date of submission of the application
  • Employer without any due commitments to the state (no tax arrears, no arrears in respect of payments and penalties to health and social insurance)

What difficulties are employers solving most common within the above government program?

These are in particular the following:

  • Employer has not deposited their financial statements in the collection of deeds
  • Employer has liabilities on health and social insurance contributions therefore it is not possible for him to be issued a certificate of indebtedness
  • Employee is employed for less than 1 year
  • It is not a full-time job
  • Wage or salary is not min. 1.2 times the guaranteed wage corresponding to the relevant government regulation

Although inclusion in the above-mentioned government program entails many conditions that the employer must meet, on the other hand, after successful inclusion, potential workers from Ukraine can apply for an employment card, which makes the visa process much easier than not being included in government programs.

What are the benefits of including in qualified worker programme?

  • Applicants included in the Program are guaranteed to submit their visa application at the Representative Office of the Czech Republic abroad
  • The application for an employee card is processed within the legal deadlines 

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