Visa consultant, CEO
Visa consultant, CEO

My name is Natálie Woznicová and I specialize in professional immigration services specifically involving visa and residency agendas, including the establishment of companies for foreigners. I will assist you with all immigration matters pertaining to your stay in the Czech Republic including the establishment of companies.

I will assist you in all matters pertaining to your stay in the Czech republic i.e. during arranging short-term visa / long-term visa/ permanent residence in the Czech Republic. I accompany and assist my clients with submitting applications and applying for all types of residence permits or work permits at the relevant Labour office.  Further I will assist you during establisment of company or at relevant institutions i.e. during negotiation with the Foreign police and other.

I am able to arrange a complete preparation of the documents leading to a reduction of the administrative procedures to ensure your satisfaction. In addition, we work together with a law firm. This liaison makes it possible for us to offer you high-quality legal services, including those pertaining to the law concerning aliens, i.e. representation in proceedings under Act No. 326/1999 Coll. on the residency of foreigners in the Czech Republic and other legal services. The law firm is fully competent to prepare, negotiate, and complete legal documents in both Czech and English.